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About us

Advertising that actually gets women. We are on a mission to help brands thrive in the new sheconomy.

Lead by women, on a mission to disrupt the industry. To challenge the way brands engage and communicate with women. Because not only is it the right, moral thing to do, but it’s commercially beneficial too.

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The female
Since the days of Don Draper and Mel Gibson, men in advertising have been trying to answer the elusive question, ‘What do Women want?’

It’s no surprise that 54% of all women think that advertising doesn’t get them. That’s a whopping 19 million women in the UK. And when you realise that women drive more than 70% of consumer spending, (and that number is rising) you start to think…oh! Why hasn’t something like this existed before?

We’re sorry, we had to smash a few glass ceilings. But we finally got there.

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What do women want? What are their motivations? What are they thinking right now, right this second? The mind boggles. There’s only one way to find out. And that’s to listen to them.

Through our proprietary research model we can understand what women are really thinking, feeling, their moods and motivations, all in real time. This data not only informs our work but also the way we run our business.


We are a new, transformative creative collective for today’s women. Designed with flexibility and inclusivity at our core, we draw on a pool of experts to give clients a completely tailored, female led solution. Our little black book has comedians, coders and everything in between.

This unique approach ensures we are always speaking to women, not at them.

For Wmn

Everything we do has the ultimate goal to elevate women globally and ensure they feel fully seen in marketing communications. That’s why we are passionate about talking to brands who are genuinely interested in the female perspective and experience.

Helen James


Toni Gaventa

Managing Partner

Trudi Harris

Impact & Purpose
work we do
George at ASDA
Pretty in pink? Sugar and spice? Cheesy Hallmark lines in your Mother’s Day card? It’s time to redefine what it means to feel feminine. Our digital first campaign ‘Fenomenal’ gave our target audience a boost of self-confidence. After all, only you can decide what your femininity looks like. And that should be whatever makes you feel good.
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HANX is a sex positive brand set up by two amazing women who wanted to change the way we talked about sexual health. Sex should be fun and pleasurable for men AND women. Who knew.

Gynae designed and stigma free. We worked with them to create the Sexy Garden, to promote their biodegradable condoms.
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International Women's Day
Unconscious bias is holding us back from true gender diversity. We confronted people about their biases. How? By proving that their biases really still existed. Our global campaign went viral and won…
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Beauty Pie
Women have been screwed over by the traditional beauty industry model for too long. Beauty Pie set out to do something about it. To cut out the middleman to offer luxury products for a fraction of the price. Our digital-first campaign called out the old beauty world with disruptive messaging and fearless attitude.
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CPB London
Football is dominated by men. We launched a petition to persuade the BBC’s ‘Match of the Day’ that their ‘Goal of the Month’ should absolutely feature goals from the Women’s Super League. To inspire girls and guys everywhere. We’re still waiting Beeb…
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Women did not feel safe using Tinder. A brand that had fallen prey to the misogyny of some of its users. It was time to put the brand’s new safety features at the forefront of their communication. To let young women know that Tinder had their back. And the spark of connection was out there to enjoy.
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