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Unconscious bias is holding us back from true gender diversity. We confronted people about their biases. How? By proving that their biases really still existed. Our global campaign went viral and won…

It’s 2022.
Why is gender diversity still a problem in the workplace?

Most of us agree on equal rights for all genders, but there’s something niggly holding us all back: unconscious bias.

The trouble is, we don’t know it’s there until we are forced to face it head on. And facing it, questioning it and talking about it is the only way to get rid of bias once and for all. We wanted to do something proactive to rebrand gender diversity and confront people with their biases, so we can all start to be free of them.

We created impactful posters for the workplace and a colouring book for kids & parents, to make sure we’re not passing on our bias to the next generation. The response from business and education partners has been incredibly positive – we can’t wait to see what happens next. #breakthebias


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International Women’s Day Campaign – Colouring Book Film

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Imagine Colouring Book Overview

Lily O’Farrell – The Illustrator for the book

All proceeds from the sale of items below will go to support the work of Beyond Equality and Young Women’s Trust, towards a future where gender makes no difference.