Green flags only


Women did not feel safe using Tinder. A brand that had fallen prey to the misogyny of some of its users. It was time to put the brand’s new safety features at the forefront of their communication. To let young women know that Tinder had their back. And the spark of connection was out there to enjoy.

In these upbeat and edgy spots created with director India Harris, we hero the green flags that daters should look out for – rather than preaching about red flags. Photo Verification, Block List and Video Chat features designed by Tinder’s safety team, to facilitate a pre-IRL date that puts comfort first. Inspired by our Gen Z research, we created a high energy look & refreshingly honest tone – this campaign might be about safety first, but it’s definitely got the fun factor.

Block List (15s)

Video Chat (15s)

Photo Verification (15s)

Photo Verification – German edit (15s)

Block List – Spanish edit (15s)

Video Chat – French edit (15s)

Hero Edit (42s)